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WiredUp Specializes in Bar's, Restaurant's, Gym's, Commercial and Residential Installation throughout Phoenix, Orlando & Los Angeles.

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  • Bar/Restaurant/Gym: Video and Audio Distribution, Cabling and Security.
  • Commercial: Ethernet, Coaxial, Fiber, and telephone wiring. Security Camera's, telephone system, digital signage, video conferencing, structured cabling - IT Rack installation. 
  • Residential: Home Theater Installation, Cable Management, WiFi Installation, Smart Home Technology (Control4), TV Installation, Smart Security Systems and Integrated Sound. 
  • Builders or Building: Infrastructure Pre-wire; Speaker cable, security camera cable and Ethernet cable to locations both inside and out. We will also recommend or purchase speakers, cameras, smart technologies and energy saving devices as well.

We have used Wired Up 4 times, and each experience has been better than the last! Zak and Frank have been beyond accommodating and professional. When people go out on our patio and see the TV, the first thing they say is "WOW!!!" and we always share who did the great work. We won't use anyone else!

- Sue K., April 25, 2016

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Audio/Visual Installations

Enjoy the Ultimate Home Theater Experience
The best home theater satisfies your personal tastes and suits the space you have to work with. WiredUp educates customers on the virtues of various home theater systems so you can make informed decisions, resulting in the design and wiring of a home theater you'll love. We work on dedicated home theaters, integrated living room theater systems, and other media rooms.

..Or Give That Experience to Customers
A state-of-the-art multimedia experience that guides and assists customers on their journey through your store, walks them through the process of ordering from your restaurant counter, or displays partner advertisements can have a big impact on your bottom line. WiredUp has solutions that appeal to your customers' impulses and preferences, making your products instantly more appealing. Join IKEA, Staples, and Dunkin' Donuts in experiencing the problem-solving effects of our commercial and retail A/V solutions.


"Absolutely professional every step of the way from design to showing up on time and completing everything in a timely fashion. Then, when there was a glitch (more due to me than anything), David jumped right on it during his off time to come by and straighten me out! Everything works great and is exactly how we designed it in our first meeting. Thanks to you and all the guys at Wired Up Installation!"

– Alan M. Scottsdale, AZ

Communications & Networking Solutions

Update/Integrate Technology
Technology is a beautiful thing. But let's face it. Many of us spend at least as much time frustrated by the failings of our tech gadgets as we do marveling at their capabilities. If you're tired of your network connection cutting out, your sound equipment taking on a mind of its own, or having a cornucopia of remotes to control the various systems in your home, you could benefit immensely from a WiredUp tech upgrade.

Unwire Your Home or Business
Wires = clutter. They get in the way. They're eyesores. They can be hazardous. While once a necessary evil in high-tech homes and businesses, wires are required for the operation of fewer and fewer electronic devices. WiredUp Installation can equip your business or home with wireless technology and hide any wires that can't be removed so they're hardly visible and never in your way.

Lighting & Signage

Brighten Up Your Space
Quality lighting greatly improves the aesthetic and functionality of a space. If the lighting in your home or office is suboptimal, a WiredUp pro can recommend and install smart lighting solutions that brighten up your space and save energy.

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Advertise and Reach Prospective Consumers
Controlled remotely, digital signage is relayed from computers or servers to digital screens both large and small. An effective and cost-effective form of advertisement, notification, and other forms of awareness, digital signage is commonly displayed at public venues and points of purchase. Retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings are other digital signage hotspots.

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Construction Solutions

New Construction
If you want your new home or office space to be truly state-of-the-art, hire a WiredUp professional to pre-wire your home or business. Tell us your communications, security, and media experience preferences, and we'll recommend surveillance cameras, speakers, energy-saving devices, and smart home technologies accordingly.

Update Your Retail Space
Dissatisfied with your loss prevention surveillance strategy, your business phone system, or your tech services providers? Offering affordable and reliable audio/visual solutions, extensive commercial cabling knowledge and experience, and a knack for tech design and arrangement, WiredUp has the solution you need.

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