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Commercial, Networking & Smart Home Leader

WiredUp Specializes in Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Commercial and Residential Installation throughout Phoenix, Orlando & Los Angeles.

Our Services

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Audio/Visual (A/V)

WiredUp has solutions that appeal to your customers' impulses and preferences, making your products instantly more appealing. 

Digital Signage

An effective and cost-effective form of advertisement, notification, and other forms of awareness, digital signage is commonly displayed at public venues and points of purchase.


WiredUp Installation can equip your business or home with wireless technology and hide any wires that can't be removed so they're hardly visible and never in your way.

New Construction

If you want your new home or office space to be truly state-of-the-art, hire a WiredUp professional to pre-wire your home or business. 

Smart Home

Control the various systems in your home with a Wired Up Tech Upgrade.

Enjoy the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

The best home theater satisfies your personal tastes and suits the space you have to work with. 

Lighting Control

Quality lighting greatly improves the aesthetic and functionality of a space.


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